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G. Guy Motors has a professional workshop for servicing 4WD and non-4WD vehicles.

In fact routine servicing, tune-ups and carrying out WOF checks for standard 2WD vehicles keep us very busy - you could say we're the one-stop-shop for all our customer's vehicle servicing needs, whether that's a specialist 4WD or a family sedan. Also as we are mta Assured - you can expect a quality service and great customer care.

Electronic Fault Code Diagnostics

We perform a full electronic fault diagnostic service using the latest engine and vehicle diagnostic computer scope. We use this to pin-point any problems you may have with your ABS, Airbags, Engine management or other computer control on your vehicle, a very useful service tool with all the computer-aided vehicles these days!

So please remember, we don't just service 4WD vehicles - Also bring in your family car  for our full service treatment as detailed in our Service Check List