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We stock a complete range of ARB Old Man Emu (OME) Suspension that we match to your vehicle

Vehicle suspension is a complex subject and often two vehicles, even of the same brand, can need very different suspension configurations. A lot of R&D is spent on designing suspension components specific to each brand of vehicle. The same attention to detail is needed to configure a suspension kit particular for your vehicle, such factors as weight of the fully loaded vehicle, time spent off-road versus on-road and mud-tyre size all have a dramatic impact on the resulting road-handling characteristics and safety of your vehicle. Some of this complexity comes after replacing the factory springs and shocks as this is only part of the story, a good knowledge of vehicle geometry is needed to correctly adjust the drive-chain components of your vehicle to ensure minimal stress and vibration is achieved.

Our popular brand of ARB suspension kits are factory tested, warranted and include designs for vehicles with air-bag technology. Fitting the right kit provides instant improvement to vehicle handling and ride, particularly where heavy loads need to be carried or for towing. The resulting lift from replacing a vehicle's factory suspension allows greater wheel guard clearance, useful for fitting larger mud tyres and providing more clearance for your diffs.

Step one in identifying the right suspension kit for your specific vehicle is working through our formula spreadsheet with the above mentioned factors and then determining what geometry adjustments are needed to achieve the right ride.