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We stock and fit ARB air lockers - the leading diff lock system that continues to dominate the world’s toughest off road events.

Swapping out your vehicle's factory open or LSD diffs for ARB air lockers will most likely be one of the most satisfying upgrades you can invest in for your vehicle. It will enhance the traction of your 4×4 in just about any terrain, whether it’s rock, clay, gravel, sand, snow or mud. Used by some of the biggest names in off road competition, Air Lockers are just as at home plugging through mud or scaling near-vertical rock ledges as they are on your daily commute.

Now with a state-of-the-art two piece design available right across the range, forged gears for the ultimate in strength and durability, and an industry-leading five year warranty, ARB Air Lockers are better built and better backed than ever before.


For more info on ARB Airlockers contact us in store or visit the ARB website