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We stock and fit ARB air lockers - the leading brand used in 4x4 competition work when the going gets tough.

Swapping out your vehicle's factory open or LSD diffs for ARB air lockers will most likely be one of the most satisfying upgrades you can invest in for your vehicle. It will let your vehicle get to places you wouldn't normally think of attempting before and you'll find that the snatch and winch straps are collecting dust in the back of your vehicle. With this added traction you'll find you need less 'noise' from an heavy accelerator to get through tough tracks, saving abuse on your engine and drive-chain components.

ARB air lockers are designed, tested and warranted for use with specific vehicle models, they demand no-more than normal maintenance and are often thought of as being one of best investments in improving a vehicles off-road ability while reducing the need for damaging high-RPM recovery maneuvers.

Step One is to get the right tyres, suspension and protection for your vehicle before fitting air lockers - then you're ready to go anywhere because air locker will be able to take you there!.