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We stock a large range of ARB recovery gear you can rely on to keep you moving:

  • Snatch straps
  • Winch extension straps
  • Tree protector straps
  • Winch kits
  • Shackels
  • Hi-Lift jacks & accessories
  • Maxtrax

After years of experience at a personal and competitive level, G. Guy Motors has put 4x4 recovery gear through extreme tests while competing in off-road winch-challenges, here and overseas. When correctly used and maintained I have found the popular brand of ARB recovery gear, Bushranger 4x4 gear, to be the most reliable. Like most purpose-built tools they need to be treated with respect when being used, well maintained and replaced when damaged or past their useful life expectancy.

The safe use of 4x4 recovery gear can't be overstated, the large amounts of force stored in recovery straps when attached to tonnes of stuck vehicle demands a skilled operator. Mind you leaving home without a correctly set-up recovery kit and so no effective method to recover your stuck vehicle could mean a long walk home, you just don't do it. It's always best to train and practise use of these tools in a safe setting, say through one of the many public training days offered by the regional 4x4 clubs.

Step OneĀ in developing a recovery kit of your own is typically the purchase of a kinetic strap or snatch strap and then getting yourself on a training course run by one of the regional 4x4 clubs.