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We stock Safari snorkels to safeguard your vehicle when driving through deep water.

On most vehicles the under-bonnet engine air intake is vulnerable to water and dust, neither of which is good for your engine and with diesel engines it can be a very expensive mistake should water find its way into the inlet manifold, which could result in a complete engine rebuild.

All our air snorkels are designed for specific vehicle models and relocate the air intake out of harm's way, with an added benefit of increasing the engine performance and fuel economy as a result of cleaner air from having its position raised. ARB Safari snorkels are a popular brand and come in tough, UV stable polyethylene material that is ready-made for your vehicle.

Step One in determining whether you need a snorkel is to look at the potential for you to ingress water into your engine through stream or water-hole crossings, particularly cheap insurance if you own a diesel.

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