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G. Guy Motors is a professional (MTA Assured) mechanical service centre, servicing all vehicles from passenger vehicles and S.U.Vs to light trucks. We also specialize in 4WD vehicle servicing, fitting of replacement 4X4 parts, accessories and the custom building of winch challenge and off road racing vehicles.

Routine Services & Mechancial Fault Diagnosis

We can carry out the routine servicing on your daily run-around and your off-road warrior with our full service treatment, as detailed in our Service Check List

Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspections

Our pre-purchase vehicle inspection service is a comprehensive mechanical inspection that enables you to gain objective insight into the mechanical condition of a used 4WD. We are experienced in all areas of servicing and repairs for all makes and models of 4WD's. Our independent position enables us give you an evaluation of the condition of the vehicle from an unbiased standpoint.

4WD suspension specialists

For many people upgrading to the right suspension for their 4WD to perform better at towing or venturing off-road is not a straightforward task. Let us help you work out the right suspension enhancement to make your ride a more safe and enjoyable one.

We can also recommend the right engine and body protection kits tailored to your vehicle that help protect against damage when travelling through harsh environments.

Fabrication Services

We offer a range of fabrication services including custom bar work, tow bars and aluminium welding. Check out our gallery to see some of our past work.

Tyre Specialists

G Guy Motors knows the difference a good tyre makes to the safety and performance of your 4WD. Thats why we stock a range of leading brands for all types of vehicles. We will help you choose the tyre to suit your needs and budget.

Wheel Alignment

At G Guy Motors we have state of the art wheel alignment equipment, whether you have a passenger car, 4WD or light truck we can align it.

Electronic Fault Code Diagnostics

G Guy Motors offers a full electronic fault diagnostic service using the latest engine and vehicle diagnostic scanner. We use this to pin-point any problems you may have with your ABS, Airbags, Engine management or other computer controlled components on your vehicle.

Automatic Transmission Flush

Over 90% of all Automatic Transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination. At G Guy motors we have a full automatic transmission service machine that allows us to flush out 95% of the used contaminated fluid rather than the 40% removed with a typical transmission drain and refill service. Combined with the use of 'Wynns' transmission additives our Automatic Transmission Flushes will help prolong the life of your transmission and keep it working at optimum performance.

Drive on in...

Servicing and repairing all vehicles from passenger cars, 4WDs to light trucks, take the opportunity to drop-in to see us and have a chat about all your vehicle needs.